Green Life Medical College Journal (GLMCJ)

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Dr. A. B. M Bayezid Hossain

Executive Editor: Prof. Dr. Ehsamul Azim

Published by: Green Life Medical College
Recognized by: Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM & DC)
ISSN: 2663-2314

The Green Life Medical College Journal is an English-language scientific paper dealing with clinical medicine, basic sciences, epidemiology, diagnostic, therapeutics, public health, and healthcare in relation to concerned specialties. It is an official journal of Green Life Medical College and is published bi-annually.

This Journal is recognized by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC). The Green Life Medical College Journal of Bangladesh intends to publish the highest quality material on all aspects of medical science. It includes articles related to original research findings, technical evaluations, and reviews. In addition, it provides readers opinion regarding the articles published in the journal.