Continuing Medical Education (CME)


DateTopicPresented By
04-01-2023Hypersensitivity of teethAssoc. Prof. Dr. Shahnaj Sultana
Department of Dentistry
11-01-2023Hair fallProf. Dr. Mohammad Asifuzzaman
Department of Dermatology
18-01-2023Medical ethicsDr. Nur-E-Shahrin
Department of Forensic Medicine
25-01-2023A man with low back painDr. Bushra, Dr. Mehejabin, Dr. Nishat
Department of Orthopedic Surgery
01-02-2023Current dengue situation & preventionDr. Abdullah Hel Baki
Department of Microbiology
08-02-2023Queen of the face the facial nerveAsst. Prof. Dr. Shaila Mahmud
Department of Anatomy
15-02-2023Cases of malignant tumors: immunohistochemistry is crucial supplementary in resolving diagnostic dilemmas Asst. Prof. Dr. Rumana Yesmin
Department of Pathology
15-03-2023A teenage girl with abnormal uterine bleedingDr. Khodeza, Dr. Nishat, Dr. Nabil
Department of Gynae & Obst.
03-05-2023Abdominal Pain-Still a MisteryDepartment of Surgery
10-05-2023Systemic Lupus Erythematosus & PregnancyDepartment of Medicine
17-05-2023Physiology of Thyroid Hormones with Some DisordersDepartment of Physiology
24-05-2023Pharmacological Approach and Physicians' Attitude towards Different Setting of Pain
Dr. Rafzana Arifina
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
31-05-2023Skin manifestations of systemic diseases
Department of Dermatology & Venereology
07-06-2023Approach to a child with Fever, Cough & Dyspnea.
Department of Pediatrics
14-06-2023Bones, Stones and Groans: Management of Hypercalcemia.Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism
21-06-2023Consultation-Liaison PsychiatryProf. Dr. Nurun Nahar
Department of Psychiatry
05-07-2023Simulation in Medical EducationDepartment of Community Medicine
12-07-2023Updated management of Chronic Hepatitis B infectionDepartment of Medicine
19-07-2023Traumatic Injury of Tooth in Conservative Dentistry & EndodonticsDepartment of Dentistry
26-07-2023Unmasking the great mimickerDepartment of Microbiology
02-08-2023Medical NegligenceDepartment of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
09-08-2023A young lady presented with difficulty in walkingDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery
23-08-2023Evaluation of of deaf or hearing impaired child and its managementOtolaryngology and HN Surgery Department.
13-09-2023The art of effective medical communication.Department of Pharmacology
04-10-2023Physiology of Micturition with some abnormalitiesDepartment of Physiology
11-10-2023Mental Health is a Universal Human RightDepartment of Psychiatry
18-10-2023Let there be lightDepartment of Ophthalmology
01-11-2023A young boy presented with recurrent lump in left armDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery
08-11-2023Are we ready to save a life!Department of Anaesthesia
15-11-2023Diabetes Complications -know your riskDepartment of Endocrinology and Metabolism
22-11-2023Celebrating World Prematurity DAY 2023Department of Pediatrics
13-12-2023LASER in DermatologyDepartment of Dermatology
27-12-2023Metabolic dysfunction- Associated Fatty Liver DiseaseDepartment of Medicine
03-01-2024Management of acute ST segment elevation myocardial InfarctionDepartment of Cardiology
17-01-2024Hyperthyroidism : to make a proper decisionDepartment of Endocrinology and Metabolism.
24-01-2024A miserable journey of a woman through her pregnancyDepartment of Obst. and Gynae
31-01-2024Glaucoma, The Sneak Thief of Sight Management: Bangladesh perspective.Department of Ophthalmology
07-02-2024World Cancer DayDepartment of Community Medicine


DateTopicPresented By
1/6/2022Pharmacological Approaches for COVID 19 Pandemic a high speed journey. Where are we?Dr. Rafzana Afrina
Department of Pharmacology
1/12/2022ENT Manifestation of COVID-19Dr.
Department of ENT
1/19/2022Overview of Medicolegal Autopsy in the Context of BangladeshDr. Md. Samiur Rahman
Department of Forensic Medicine
1/26/2022Enhanced Recovery After SurgeryDr. Md. Saiful Islam
Department of Anaesthesiology
2/2/2022Neonatal sepsis due to non-albicam candida species - An emerging clinical entity: first report from BangladeshDr. Rafia Afreen Jalil
Department of Microbiology
2/9/2022Osteochondritis dissecans: a diagnosis not to be missDr. Zubayer Ashraf
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
2/16/2022Pathology & Glomerular DIseases of Direct Immunofluorescence (DIF) As Advanced Diagnostic TechniqueDr. Rumana Yeasmin
Department of Pathology
2/23/2022Covid-19 Treatment Guidelines - What's New?Dr. Ishrat Jabeen & Dr. Mahbuba Shabnam
Department of Medicine
3/2/2022Gastric Symptoms: A Diagnostic DilemmaDr. Rannia Sheshrish & Dr. Muhtasin Ananda, Intern Doctor
Department of Surgery
3/9/2022Cervical/Genital TBDr. Elora Yasmin & Dr. Saima Yesmin Eva
Department of Gynae & Obst.
3/16/2022Distressing HirutismDr. Tanjina Hossain
Department of Endocrinology
3/23/2022Climate Change & HealthDr. Farhana Karim
Department of Community Medicine
3/30/2022Assessing Glomerular FunctionDr. Sanjeela Nahreen Chowdhury & Dr. Aniqa Tasnim
Department of Biochemistry
5/11/2022Systemic Lupus ErythematosusDr.
Department of Medicine
5/18/2022ODONTOGENIC PAINDr. Shahnaz Sultana BeautyHead
Department of Dentistry
5/25/2022Thalassemia: Prevention is the Goal, But a Big Challenge in BangladeshDr. Gulshan Akhtar
Department of Paediatrics
6/1/2022A Teen age girl with amenorrheaDr. Rifat Sultana
Department of Obst. & Gynae
6/8/2022Mental Health on Today's World "Challenges & Prevention Stragies"Prof. Dr. Nurun Nahar Chowdhury
Department of Psychiatry
6/22/2022Development of heart and its congenital anomaliesDr. Suriya Jabin
Department of Anatomy
6/29/2022Physiology of lactationDr. Sabrina Nahin
Department of Physiology
7/27/2022Adolescent health: A challenging and burning issue, nouadaysDr. Sharmin Zaman Khan
Department of Community Medicine
8/3/2022Devil's Breath World's Scariest Drug: Myth or FactDr. Rifayet Rahman
Department of Pharmacology
8/10/2022Painful hip in a young ladyDr. Zubayer Ashraf
Department of Orthopaedics Surgery
8/17/2022Day case AnaesthesiaDr. Ambia Afza
Department of Anaesthesiology
8/24/2022Roadmap for implementiny Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP)Dr. Nigha Zannat Dola
Department of Microbiology
8/31/2022Management of hyperglycemia in hospitalized patientDr. Tanjina Hossain
Department of Endocrionology
9/7/2022Anatomy of the liver & beyondDr. Zeenat Hasan Tonuka
Department of Anatomy
9/14/2022Common ENT EmergencyDr. Pinaki & Dr. Maria Rahman
Department of ENT
9/21/2022Pre-analytical Errors & its PrteventionDr. Azmeri Alam
Department of Biochemistry
9/28/2022Stormy Journey of a Pregnant WomenDr. Shapla, Dr. Sara
Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics
10/12/2022Hanging: A method of Suicide Dr. Nazlee Rahman
Department of Forensic Medicine
10/19/2022A 50yr old lady with a breast lumpDr. Samira Jolil Tonni
Department of Surgery
10/26/2022Cytogenetic Disorders: Pathologic and Roadmap for DiagnosisProf. Dr. Rezaul Karim
Head of Department Pathology
11/2/2022Updated Management of AsthmaDr. Mayesha Rahman Nuha
Department of Medicine
11/9/2022HaemostasisDr. Manika Das
Department of Physiology
11/16/2022Dental Caries Prevention of ManagementDr. Shahnaz Sultana Beauty
Head Department of Dentistry
11/23/2022Stress management for Medical Students Dr. Hridi Mujtaba
Lecturer, Community Medicine
11/30/2022Antimicrobials Resistance Containment in Bangladesh Opportunity and ChallengesProf. Dr. Sanya Tahmin Jhora
Head of Department Microbiology