Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for the Students

  1. Students have to carry their “Identity cards” when in the college and in the hospital.
  2. Students must be well dressed, clean & attend the classes with white aprons.
  3. Fashionable dress, cosmetics, untidy hair, slippers are prohibited in the campus. Male students must wear shoes in the campus. Female students must tie their hairs properly.
  4. Rings, bangles etc. are not allowed in the practical classes.
  5. Green Life Medical College is a non-smoking zone.
  6. Environment should be kept clean. Students are requested to throw solid waste/litter into waste bins.
  7. Sticking of posters on the walls of the college and the hospital premises are prohibited. These are considered as acts of indiscipline and the offenders involved are liable to punishment.
  8. All types of agitation, processions, shouting in the college and hospital premises are prohibited and students involved in those activities are liable to be expelled from college.
  9. Absence from classes individually or in a mass without prior information and without valid reasons are punishable.
  10. Students will state their problems/grievances/inconveniences to their respective Mentor. The Mentor will solve the problems of the students or refer them to the academic coordinator.
  11. Students must not misbehave with the staff or employees of the college. Misbehavior is an act of indiscipline and liable for punishment.
  12. Students are expected to maintain the highest standard in their academic and private lives. Loss of moral and spiritual values or addiction to alcohol and narcotic drugs are punishable offence.
  13. Text books, dissecting instruments or necessary equipment’s will not be provided by the college.
  14. Leave: In case of illness or other unavoidable reasons of non-attendance, a written statement from the parent/guardian should be presented to the concerned office secretary, who in turn will submit it to the Academic Coordinator.
  15. Receiving private coaching from any teacher of Green Life Medical College is prohibited. If any student or his/her guardian seeks private coaching from any teacher of this institution and if it be proved, he/she (student) may face dismissal from studentship/ expulsion from the examination or from college register.
  16. Cost of loss/damage to college/hospital property is liable to be realized from the student who is found responsible for the loss/ damage of the college/hospital property.
  17. Political activities are strictly prohibited in the college.
  18. Use of any kind of smart phone or tablet computer is prohibited in the classrooms and campus. Use of internet in normal mobile set is also not allowed.