Medical Education Unit and Quality Assurance Scheme

Medical Education Unit (MEU): 

List of MEU Presentation 2023

SL Date & Day Topic
   1. 04.04.2023
A workshop on ‘Integrated Teaching’ as per the decision of DGME.
   2. 06.05.2023
Blue printing for assessment and curriculum

Presented by:
Department of Gynae & Obst.

   3. 03.06.2023
Conduction of effective integrated teaching-learning session
Presented by:
Department of Anatomy
   4. 08.07.2023
Psychological adaptabilities of undergraduate students
Presented by:
Department of Psychiatry
   5. 05.08.2023
Planning, preparing and structuring small group teaching.
Presented by:
Department of Pathology
   6. 02.09.2023
Clinical teaching for effective transfer of skill
Presented by:
Department of Medicine
   7. 07.10.2023
Construction of effective SBA for exploring deep learning
Presented by:
Department of Microbiology
   8. 21.10.2023
A brief presentation on the New Curriculum of Phase II
Presented by:
i. Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
ii. Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
   9. 04.11.2023
Effective Conduction of Journal Club
Presented by:
Department of Pediatrics
   10. 29.01.2024
Medical Journal: What you should know
Presented by:
Department of Endocrinology
   11. 19.02.2024
Quality Assurance Program in Medical Education
Presented by:
Department of Orthopedic Surgery

List of MEU Presentation 2022

SL Date & Day Topic Participating Departments Presented by
   1. 01.01.2022
Effective Teaching and learning
i) Interactive lecture.
ii) Small group teaching
1. Anatomy
2. Ophthalmology
1. Dr. Shaila Mahmud
Assistant Professor (CC)
2. Dr. Mafruha Afrin
Assistant Professor
   2. 05.02.2022
Assessment System-1
i) Assessment system in undergraduate Medical Education-An overview
ii) Construction of written questions-SAQs for Undergraduate MBBS course
1. Community Medicine
2. Dermatology
1. Dr. Ehsamul Azim
Professor (current charge) & Head
2. Dr. Nashiat Nazrul Islam
Assistant Professor
   3. 05.03.2022
Assessment System-2
i) Introduction of assessment
ii) Construction of MCQs and SBA for Undergraduate course
1. Gynae & Obst.
2. Pharmacology
1. Dr. Lima Shampa
Associate Professor
2. Dr. Rafzana Arifina
Assistant Professor
   4. 02.04.2022
Assessment System-3
i) SOE- why do we convert traditional oral examination to SOE?
ii) Construction of SOE
1. Medicine
2. Biochemistry
1. Dr. Rashedul Hassan Kanak
Assistant Professor
2. Dr. Aniqa Tasnim
Assistant Professor
   5. 07.05.2022
Integrated Teaching
i) Integration of basic science with early clinical contact- International perspective
ii) Feasibility and the prospect of integrated teaching in our country
1. Pathology
2. Surgery
1. Dr Naila Awal
Assistant Professor
2. Dr Samia Shihab Uddin
Assistant Professor
   6. 06.08.2022
New Approaches In Medical Education
i) Community-oriented medical education
ii) Evidence-based and Task-based learning
1. Microbiology
2. E.N.T
1. Dr. Abdulla Hel Baki
2. Dr. Fazle Elahi Jonaed
   7.  03.09.2022
New Approaches In Medical Education-e-learning
i) E-learning and use of computer
ii) E-learning set-up
1. Orthopedic Surgery
2. Anesthesiology
1. Dr. Zubayer Ashraf
Assistant Professor
2. Dr. Md. Saiful Islam
Assistant Professor
   8. 01.10.2022
Arranging seminar, symposium, workshop & conference for faculty development 1. Dentistry 1. Dr. Shahnaz Sultana Beauty
Associate Professor & Head
   9. 05.11.2022
Communication and it’s global standard 1. Forensic Medicine 1. Dr . Shanaz Azmere
   10. 03.12.2022
Summarization of activities of Medical Education Unit in 2021-2022 and planning for 2023 1. Medical Education Unit 1. Dr. Tanima Sharmin
Member Secretary, MEU

In addition to conducting monthly CME, recently MEU has conducted a workshop on “Teaching Methodology and Assessment” under the supervision of the center for medical education and guided by focal person Prof. Qazi Raqibul Islam, Professor & Head, Paediatric. The workshop was done in two phases in January and September 2022.