About GMC

In 2005, about 50 distinguished physicians of the country started a Hospital to give specialized care in the private sector. They named it Green Life Hospital and it turned out to be a great success. So in 2009, they decided to make a medical college which will be a non-government, non-profit, self-financing project and will serve the humanity.

This College came into existence in 2009. The college commences its activities with the enrollment of 51 students in the 1st batch in 2010. Since inception, the college has undergone tremendous development and became a splendid centre for learning and development. At present we are enrolling 110 students each year. Among them, numbers of seats are reserved for overseas students. Right at this moment 76 foreign students are studying , among them 50 students are male and 16 are female.

We continue to evaluate and improve our program to ensure the best medical education for the students. Our educational strategy is to create a conducive learning environment and to steer our students to acquire adequate knowledge, skills and temperament to practice medicine and be a competent health care professional group.

Green Life Medical College (GMC) is approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and affiliated to the University of Dhaka. It has the recognition of General medical Council, United Kingdom and it is enlisted in World Directory of Medical School and Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.


To create a diverse and vibrant graduate scholars in medical discipline and to create highly competent and committed physicians for the country.


  1. To provide an appropriate learning environment where medical students can acquire a sound theoretical knowledge and practical skills with empathetic attitude to the people.
  2. To carry out research in medical sciences to scale up the standard of medical education in the country.

Location and different facilities:

The campus is located at 31 and 32, Bir Uttom K. M. Shafiullah Sarak (Green Road), Dhanmondi, Dhaka. The location is at the heart of the mega city Dhaka and is facilitated with very good communication networks.

The Medical College and the Hospital complexes have been raised in two multistoried fully air-conditioned buildings with an arrangement of approximately 500 beds for patient. The building is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent with an out-patient department and adequate in-patient facilities.

It has fifteen storied own academic building , run its activities since January 2018, before that period all the academic activities were carried out in the hospital building. The medical college has 200 decimal lands in Purbachal new city for further expansion. There are five lecture galleries with multimedia, over head projector, and sound system facilities, and eighteen tutorial class rooms .For anatomy department dissection hall floor space is with 2500 square feet at 14th floor. There are twelve operation theatres including four teaching operation theatres. Among these operation theatres two at 9th floor and another two at 6th floor of academic building . Other eight operation theatres are at the 6th floor of hospital building. Along with these facilities there is a modern outpatient department complex at the level four of academic building and fifty eight (58) bedded free bed complexes at level thirteen (13) of hospital building. There are three museums and five laboratories and all are placed within the respective department of academic building. There is a large common room with lavatory facilities for the students of medical college Each year in MBBS course 5 %( total 6) of the local students out of 110 get full admission fees and tuition fees for full course (five years) waive as scholarship. Each year college authority organize annual picnic, sports competition and cultural program as extracurricular activities.

Land Owned by Green Life Medical College and Size of the Building:

The medical college is located in its 15-storied building built on 17.87 percent of land

  • Amount of Land: 17.87 percent of owned land
  • Floor Space: 68,979 square feet

Area of ​​land allocated in Purbachal New Town Project of Green Life Medical College

  • Amount of Land: 2.00 acres of owned land

The Green Life Medical College Ladies Hostel is located in its 10-storied building built on 0.2203 acres of land

  • Amount of Land: 0.2203 acres of owned land
  • Floor Space: 55,000 square feet

A three-storied building (with a five-storied foundation) on 5 Katha land has been purchased by the College’s name to provide student accommodation, which through further modernization will accommodate 140 local and foreign students who are currently staying in rented hostels.

12 out of 15 flats in a six-storied building on 7.70 Khata land in Venus Estate adjacent to the Green Life Medical College have been purchased in the name of the college and the remaining 03 flats are in the process of purchase.

Land Owned by Green Life Medical College Hospital and Size of the Building:

The medical college hospital is located in its 15-storied building built on 48 percent of land

  • Floor Space on each level: 16,660 square feet
  • Total Floor Space: 2,50,000 square feet
  • Amount of land required for the college as per policy: 2 acres/own land
  • Floorspace required for building as per policy: 1,00,000 square feet

Academic Approval Sessions:

  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW): 2023-2024
  • Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC): 2018-2019 (when this batch completes MBBS)
  • Dhaka University (DU): 2022-2023

Other Details:

  • Approved Sits for Admission: 120 (one hundred and twenty)
  • Number of total Students: 565 (five hundred and sixty-five)
  • Number of Hospital Beds: 600 (six hundred)
  • Free Beds: 90 (ninety)
  • Bed Occupancy: 80 Percent