Message from Chairman, Governing Body

National Professor Shahla Khatun

It was with great pride and enormous pleasure that we opened Green Life Medical College in Dhaka in 2009.  This was the product of a huge amount of planning, logistics and hard work coming together to create a modern, purpose built Medical College school fit for Medical Education in the 21st century. Situated at the very heart of this stimulating city, the Green Life Medical College family is warm and friendly and offers the highest standards of Medical care. Having developed its reputation for high quality holistic education over more than seven years, today’s Medical College has more than 400 students.

The flexible approach to medical education has allowed us to respond rapidly to the changing needs of the society and the practice of Medicine. We have designed and implemented a balanced curriculum, which addresses many aspects of teaching and training as practiced in educationally advanced countries. It is considered excellent for training of doctors for practice of Medicine in Bangladesh and abroad. Our caring approach to students will ensure that they have the best possible chance of developing into a thoughtful and caring doctor, well qualified to practice medicine in the health care environment of the future.

As a person who has been witnessing every brick of the massive buildings of Green Life Medical College being laid, I can vouch that this college is well geared for achieving marvels in medical education – the faculty is well dedicated and committed to teaching; the educational infrastructure and equipments are state-of-the-art; and the environment is cordial for proper medical learning. Green Life Medical College (GMC) is now committed to the overall development of the presently admitted seventh batch of one hundred and ten students in all their curricular and extra-curricular domains. I am sure the knowledge and skills these students imbibe from this institution will make them flow to all the nook and corners of our country and also beyond.

It may also be said that Green Life Medical College students are not just trained to pass the university examinations, they are prepared to become outstanding doctors to be respected by their patients, colleagues and other. Great stress is laid on their character building with the result that the graduates of GMC appear distinct where ever they are present.

I look forward to welcome the aspiring students into our learning environment.

National Professor Shahla Khatun
Chairman, Governing Body
Green Life Medical College