Faculty Details

Dr. Naila Awal


Assistant Professor

Department of Pathology
  • Dr. Naila Awal graduated from Bangladesh Medical College and obtained her professional degree MD (Pathology) from Dhaka Medical College under BSMMU. As part of her training, she was responsible for teaching undergraduate students, examining gross specimens, performing fine needle aspiration cytology and frozen section biopsy, screening cytology and histopathology slides, and assisting in report preparation.
  • She has been working as an assistant professor in the Pathology department at Green Life Medical College since 2018. Her responsibilities include undergraduate teaching such as lectures, tutorials, and practical classes, professional exams, and hospital lab activities such as fine needle aspiration cytology and surgical pathology. 
  • She attended a training program on 'Teaching Methodology' organized by the Medical education unit, at Green Life Medical College (2022). 
  • She also did training on Research Methodology organized by Research Cell, Green Life Medical College (2022). 
  • Currently, she is a member secretary of the Phase III coordination Committee, at Green Life Medical College. 
  • She is also a member of the Prospectus Committee, at Green Life Medical College.
  • She also worked at Dhaka Community Medical College as a lecturer in the Pathology department where she was responsible for academic activities including undergraduate teaching and tutorial classes, laboratory demonstrations, etc. 
  • She has 05 (five) publications published in national and international journals.